Ancaster Table Tennis Club


Table Tennis is an Olympic sport and the most  popular indoor sport in the world.

Table Tennis is a genuine sport for life; our  club has members from 7 years old to over 70. Members can play in competition, or just for fun. Table Tennis is also well suited to players with disabilities.

Our sport is popular among primary  school age boys and girls, and is arguably the fastest thing that they can do well. It helps to promote concentration, co-ordination, tactical awareness and positive attitudes.

Table Tennis is an excellent way of keeping fit  and has a relatively low injury risk compared to many sports.

At the top level a table tennis ball can travel  at 100mph, faster than the speed of a fast bowler at cricket and well above the 85mph of a footballers free kick. A table tennis ball can spin faster than a ball in any other sport.

In many countries, Table Tennis is a professional sport. TV audience figures at the Olympic games rank Table Tennis as the 3rd most watched sport.

Take up table tennis and encourage your children to take up the sport!