Ancaster Table Tennis Club

It is an incredible fact, largely unknown locally, that there is a sports club in this small area of Lincolnshire that competes at junor level with the big city teams.

League matches against Coventry, Leicester and Derby have been a feature of the clubs history. For two seasons running our junior teams have won regional championships of the National Junior League.

In the Grantham League in 2011/12 we increased the number of teams to five, the largest number of any of the clubs in the League. Of these three are teams of junior players, playing alongside an adult.

We don't achieve this by relentless training, but by treating table tennis as an enjoyable and constructive part of growing up.

Ancaster Table Tennis Club was re-formed in the  spring of 1997 following concerns over the lack of constructive activities for  youngsters in the Parish.

The club grew achieving high standards of play,  winning the East Midlands Division 2 of the National Junior League in 2000/01 and becoming the ETTA East Midlands Premier Club of the year for encouraging participation in 2000/1 and 2001/2.

New equipment and coaching was provided through an Awards for All grant. By 2002 membership had reached 80.

In 2002 the club left it’s base at Ancaster  Parish Hall following a dispute with Ancaster Parish Council. The Council  claimed that the club was in rent arrears and took legal action. The Court sided with the club, but by that time we had already relocated to a new venue, Carlton  Scroop and Normanton Village Hall.

Although membership levels dropped initially,  especially among teenagers, it had recovered to 50 by the end of the 2003/4  season and has remained stable since then.

Further National Junior League titles were won in 2009/10 and 2010/12.

The Club has a link with British National League side Nottingham Elgre and with Carres Grammar School, Sleaford.

We have 5 match standard tables.